Iconic Hollywood Pawn Shop Celebrates Its 70th Year

hollywood pawn shop

Diamond Jewelry & Loan has been serving the people of Los Angeles since 1948. They’re a local classic and one of the biggest gold-buying businesses on the West Coast.

Pawn shops are surely an American classic. Even though sometimes they’re not well reputed or even mistrusted, they’re certainly a part of the urban culture of every city in the country. Hollywood, being such an iconic metropolis, has its own emblematic pawn shop which started in 1948 under the name of Diamond Jewelry & Loan, aka LA Loan Company.  This business has become a symbol for locals and is still running, receiving visitors looking for both profits and a little bit of nostalgia.

LA Loan Company is a little bit more than a living dinosaur. As a commerce, it aims to provide good opportunities to all those visiting it. “We offer customers to sell or use their valuables for a convenient collateral loan” they claim, as they ensure that “We pay Top Dollar! And give great deals!” The store is a fully insured and bonded pawn and is listed in the Better Business Bureau.

Although the business started 70 years ago, Eric Kotlyar has been the owner of LA Loan Company for the last 20 years. “My goal is to provide quality customer service and fair prices to the community,” says Mr. Kotlyar. “Let’s be honest – that’s what a lot of pawn shops are missing these days.” This demonstrates the effort of the company to stand up to the rest of the pawn shops in the area and offer truly convenient deals for both them and their clients.

As old-fashioned as they might be in the way they carry themselves, LA Loan Company uses top-notch methods to ensure the value of the items they deal the most with: jewelry. They have in-house specialists to run tests on coins, platinum and gold goods people bring to the store daily. LA Loan Company provides free, no-obligation quotes for this service and they even give free-of-charge jewel cleaning.

People looking to visit one of the oldest pawn shops in Hollywood can do it by going to the Diamond Jewelry & Loan / LA Loan Company store, located at 5511 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038. People looking to deal with them must be at least 18 years old to pawn or sell an article and must show a valid state ID, national photo ID, passport or matricula consular. Spanish-language service is available. For more information, call (323) 400-6480.

Source: Diamond Jewelry & Loan

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