SEO Service Inc. in Practice With Updated Security and AMP

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Top website agencies are implementing SSL and AMP to uphold top-notch websites

Seo Service Inc. is a top-rated website agency and they are taking internet innovation seriously moving forward. Living in a world guided by the internet is a blessing for consumers, but a huge commitment for company owners. In regards to the websites, the site itself must follow specific protocol in order to be deemed valid by viewers and owners alike. Recently, SEO Service Inc. has adopted two of the latest add-ons in order to enhance visitor involvement and expectations. AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, which operates on a specific server, and SSL, also known as Secure Socket Layer, which boosts website security. Through these two additions, SEO Service Inc. is acknowledging internet users are seeking a faster and more secure browsing experience.

The days of waiting around for a page to load are only becoming a part of history. AMP increases audience engagement through loading speeds and less of a wait. Through this, a searched company is quicker to rise to the top of a Google page rather than stay stagnant on the ranking. Large videos and photos have the ability to load on a web page without a lag, which ultimately improves an SEO ranking.

Another addition which is gaining prevalence is SSL. Most web users are more than familiar with the “lock box” icon in the top left-hand corner of a site’s search bar. Followed by the box should be “https:” – this indicator proves a website is secure. In past months, popular platforms have received much backlash by distributing client information, however, SSL is raising the bar in website security. Google, mentioned here as a whole entity, views website security as a requirement as of late. Protecting personal information draws out not only trust and loyalty from a returning visitor, but it also increases the value of a website in a search. Maintaining this level of consideration from a website helps Google to acknowledge specific links, based off updated plugin and add-on choices from developers.

SEO Service Inc. is in full understanding that website users are deserving of the best browsing experience. In addition, offering SEO packages, social media management, reputation management and press releases are also available from this top-rated company. For further information about SEO Service Inc. or the services they have to offer, please visit

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