In Light of NHTSA Motorcycle Accident Statistics, LA Injury Group Warns of Motorcycle Safety

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The LA Injury Group, a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles, has handled many motorcycle accident cases and always urges riders to be as safe as possible on their motorcycles. Recent statistics from the NHTSA (“National Highway Traffic Safety Administration”) shows that a majority of the motorcycle accidents take place during weather similar to that of a Southern California summer.

In a study entitled “Traffic Safety Facts,” the NHTSA found that 97% of motorcycle accidents occurred when the weather was “clear/cloudy.” Additionally, 59% of accidents occurred during “daylight,” and 57% of motorcycle accidents take place in an “urban” setting, as opposed to a “rural” one.

In California alone, 529 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents in 2016. The study also found that “motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 28 times more frequently than passenger car occupant fatalities in traffic crashes.”

“Riding a motorcycle is thrilling, but riders have to do everything they can to prioritize safety. More often than not, a motorcycle accident isn’t the fault of the person driving the motorcycle. When a motorcycle accident occurs, usually the motorcyclist did everything they could to keep the accident from happening. For years, our law firm has helped those who were the victims of a motorcycle accident to get the compensation that they deserve, and we will continue to do so in the future as well,” said Benjamin Charchian, personal injury lawyer of LA Injury Group.

In addition to big truck accident cases, this Glendale motorcycle injury attorney also handles wrongful death cases, car accidents and other personal injury cases.

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Source: LA Injury Group