Insight Treatment, Los Angeles Youth Treatment Center, to Offer Counseling and Support Groups for Parents

Staff counselors and therapists with a range of focused expertise, carefully place parents and their youth into appropriate groups.

Insight Treatment, one of the first intensive outpatient centers for young people in the Los Angeles Area, is implementing new hyper-focused support groups for families and teens. Insight has locations in Pasadena and Sherman Oaks that provides a cohesive support network for teens and adolescents as well as their families.

Inisght Treatment works exclusively with people ages 14 to 20, helping treat a range of issues such as behavioral problems, substance abuse, mental health issues and depression, among others.  Because of the involvement and level of worry placed upon families and parents, the centers have recently implemented a “Parents Supporting Parents” program.  The program makes available coaching and group sessions in person or over the phone. Through interaction with other parents, as well as counselors and therapists on site at the center, parents of troubled youth are able to receive advice and a unique perspective on how to properly address their child’s problems.

The Insight Staff is comprised of PhDs, Licensed Spiritual Psychology Counselors, LCSWs, Masters level and CADAC level counselors who are assigned depending on the nature of each case.

Each child is properly assessed for appropriate placement in within the program.  Each of the specialists take time to inquire about and analyze patterns of mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, academic performance, social interactions and.

The Insight website offers 2-3 hours of free consultation time with parents to determine whether the programs offered are a good choice for their child.  After the assessment process, the person is placed in a program most likely to resonate.  Each program is a personalized plan based on feedback from the child and their parents during the initial phase.  Everything from the educational curriculum, to hours of the day the child attends each week is carefully considered and crafted.

In addition to support groups for parents, young patients are also carefully placed in support groups specific to their issue(s).  People who have completed the program with successful results often counsel current patients during group sessions, as a way to provide guidance and interact with persons with relatable experiences.

To find out more about Insight Treatment’s group counseling and programs, please visit Insight’s website.  For press inquiries please call (213) 332-9255.