LA Injury Group Highlights Bicycle Accident Law Change for 2019

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The LA Injury Group, a firm of personal injury lawyers and attorneys in Los Angeles, points out that laws pertaining to cyclists crashing have changed in 2019. Now, if a cyclist is involved in a collision, they are required to stop at the accident’s scene.

Law AB 1755 extends felony “hit-and-run” provisions to cyclists on bike paths. A person involved in an automobile accident cannot flee the scene of the accident, under penalty of law. This new law means that the same rule now applies to cyclists who are in a crash on a bike path. The bill was sponsored by then-Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, a Republican from Rancho Cucamonga.

“Cycling accidents that occur on bike paths are a serious matter. People can suffer serious injuries in these crashes. This law will hopefully make people safer, as it may cause them to bicycle in a more considerate manner while on the bike paths. Certainly, this will make those who cause an accident on a bike path more accountable,” said Benjamin Charchian, managing attorney for LA Injury Group.

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Source: LA Injury Group