Press Release: Levinson Law Group, Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer, Distributes Checks to Most Vulnerable in Pandemic

Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer

PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: MAR 27, 2020 Original: CARLSBAD, Calif., March 27, 2020 ( – Today, Levinson Law Group authorized the immediate release of one dozen $450 emergency relief Levinson Foundation grant checks throughout the communities of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Encinitas. These checks were specifically given to those who were among the most vulnerable to being harmed by…

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Belal Hamideh Law Welcomes New Indoor Heat Regulations for California Workers

belal hamideh law

LONG BEACH, Calif., October 1, 2019 ( – Belal Hamideh Law, a Drafts of the regulation state that “if the combination of the heat restrictive nature of the clothing and the indoor temperature combined equals 82 degrees, that’s when you then have to tackle administrative, engineer and behavioral controls.” In fact, some of the regulations could even come…

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Workplace Injury Increases Mortality Risk, Warns ODG Law Group

odg law group

Study Shows Workplace Injury Increases Mortality Risk LOS ANGELES, September 23, 2019 ( –​The ODG Law Group, a cumulative trauma injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and similar injuries suffered on the job, always recommends that workers get medical attention when they’re hurt at work. A recent study from the American Journal of Industrial Medicine supports this, as it found…

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Upcoming Months Could See More Dangerous Boating Conditions: Maritime Documentation

maritime documentation

As Summer Becomes Fall, Boating Fatality Risk Rises, By The Numbers. LOS ANGELES, September 16, 2019 ( –​The Maritime Documentation Center, a company that provides an online portal for vessel owners to register and study of reported accidents found that October, November, December, and January had a higher percentage of accidents that are fatal by month than…

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