Workers Comp Attorney LA Targets Employer Intimidation in Dealing With Workplace Injuries

workers comp attorney la

​Workplace injuries can be harrowing situations that can be intimidating in a variety of ways, but workers don’t have to feel at risk with their employers, according to Workers Comp Attorney LA. The signature law firm for workers’ compensation cases in all of California announced it wants to take on the challenges of employer intimidation and get their clients the benefits that they deserve.

With offices in Downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach, Belal Hamideh’s workers’ compensation law firm has managed to recover millions of dollars for victims of workplace accidents, making him one of the more notable workers’ compensation attorneys in Los Angeles.

When a person on the job suffers such an accident, one is not only entitled to payment of one’s medical bills and missed wages, under the labor code, one is also entitled to compensation for the physical and emotional consequences of said accident. It’s the financial value of such that is to be determined and pursued by a workers’ comp attorney.

According to a spokesperson with Workers’ Comp Attorney LA, they will assess the situation, determine the damages to be paid for, and assist with clients’ cases at no charge until they have received their dues. It’s in their best interest for the case to be successful, after all, but losing is not something the firm is terribly concerned with. They currently boast a 99% success rate in workplace accident cases. Such cases are thoroughly handled by Workers Comp Attorney LA.

Whether an injury happened because of a superior, a coworker, a third party, or even oneself, the worker is entitled to their case for workers’ compensation. Belal Hamideh’s office aims to help its clients pursue such a case and receive due financial compensation for damages.

Injured workers are advised not to wait to file a workers’ compensation case, for these are a time-sensitive matter. Reach out to Workers Comp Attorney LA by visiting their website at or by calling them at (213) 214-2969.

Source: Workers Comp Attorney LA