Keratin Hair Treatment From AA Cosmetics Keeps Hair From Getting Too Frizzy in Summer

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AA Cosmetics, a company that offers keratin hair products, recently highlighted research showing how the summer makes peoples’ hair curlier and wavier. These keratin products can straighten a person’s hair, in part by strengthening the hair’s protein structure.

The Smithsonian has recently published findings that “human hair is extremely sensitive to humidity – so much that some hygrometers use a hair as the measuring mechanism. Straight hair goes wavy. If you have curly hair, humidity turns it frizzy or even curlier.”

AA Cosmetics has introduced to the market smart keratin products in many forms, including the Evoque Smart Keratin Reconstructing Shampoo.

“We’ve received outstanding feedback about these products.  They’re top of the industry products with their ability of anti-frizz and keeping hair flat after a keratin straightening process,” said Berk Demirci, founder of AA Cosmetics.

There is an “Oil Serum,” a “Reconstructing Conditioner,” and a “Leave-in Conditioner Spray/Detangler”, among others. Each of these products contains significant amounts of keratin – so that a person’s hair can be better protected from environmental factors such as the rays of the sun, high temperatures, and others conditions which might damage a person’s hair.

“Summer is a great time of year to go out and look your best, but it’s hard to do that if your hair is too frizzy. When the heat and humidity get a hold of your hair, it can be difficult to keep it under control. Our keratin products allow you to make your hair look how you want. Instead of being at the mercy of the environment, you can have a smooth, luscious look whenever you want,” said Demirci.

In addition to their keratin treatment products, AA Cosmetics also offers many kinds of hair color without ammonia products, too.  Their products are available online or at many hair salons in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego as well as areas in the east such as New York City, Boston, and others.

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Source: AA Cosmetics