Workplace Injury Increases Mortality Risk, Warns ODG Law Group

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Study Shows Workplace Injury Increases Mortality Risk

​The ODG Law Group, a workers’ compensation attorney firm that handles many workers’ compensation attorney cases involving cumulative trauma injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and similar injuries suffered on the job, always recommends that workers get medical attention when they’re hurt at work. A recent study from the American Journal of Industrial Medicine supports this, as it found injuries suffered on the job significantly increases the risk of death.

According to the study, “an injury serious enough to lead to at least a week off of work almost tripled the combined risk of suicide and overdose death among women, and increased the risk by 50 percent among men.”

The findings for the study were based upon workers’ compensation data as well as the National Death Index cause of death data and Social Security Administration earnings.

“Any injury at work is a serious matter. Even if it seems like a small injury, workers should report the injuries to their supervisors and consider filing for workers’ compensation. Deaths by suicide and overdose are all-too-common, especially for those who were hurt at work. By getting medical attention quickly, and then acquiring the workers’ compensation to pay for treatment and more, workers can better prepare themselves for the life ahead,” said Julie Oktanyan of ODG Law Group.

At ODG Law Group, our workers’ comp attorneys have helped many clients to receive workers’ compensation for head trauma, spine injuries and other injuries suffered in the course of working.

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