LA Injury Group Warns Drivers to Save Data From Vehicle ‘Black Boxes’ After an Accident

LA Injury Group

Ben Charchian, Los Angeles personal injury lawyerfrom LA Injury Group, a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, is warning drivers to protect electronic data recorders, known as “black boxes,” from getting destroyed or lost after an automobile accident. “Black box” is a term used for the event data recorders that are found in most vehicles on the road today. These recorders make note of information such as the vehicle’s speed prior to an accident, how the steering wheel was turned, whether the seat-belt was in use, trajectory, and other factors.

The lawyers from LA Injury Group have expert witnesses who download “black box” information and use it to recreate how an accident actually occurred. “Black box data gives us honest and clear evidence to fight against insurance company deception and to prove that our injured clients are not at fault for the accident,” said Benjamin Charchian, accident attorney in Los Angeles and lead attorney of the LA Injury Group.

Trained expert witnesses use black box information, along with vehicle crash analysis, paint transfer and other data, to reconstruct what actually happened in automobile, motorcycle and truck accidents. Generally, once the expert witness recreates the accident, they are then called to explain their findings during a deposition. Later, they typically testify in a courtroom in front of a judge and jury. As expert witnesses, their testimony carries greater weight in a court of law.

Attorneys from the LA Injury Group maintain that insurance companies, by and large, do not want black box information to be used in accident reconstruction. They say that because of the accuracy and objectivity of “black box” information, there can be a significant increase in insurance claims awarded.

After an accident, the LA Injury Group urges drivers not to release their vehicles to the insurance company or to a wrecking yard as the black box information may be lost. “It’s very important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after an accident so that we can download the information before it’s lost,” said Andrew Vartanian, an associate attorney with the LA injury group.

Representatives from the LA Injury Group stated they use several expert witnesses who have extensive experience with using black box information to reconstruct car, truck and motorcycle accidents. The LA Injury Group has used this technology in many of their cases with the goal of helping their clients prove the truth and win their case.

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Source: LA Injury Group

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