Machines and Tooling International Introduces Massive Online Manufacturing Directory

Manufacturing Directory

The portal announces itself as ‘the Craigslist in the manufacturing sector’. It connects both buyers and sellers all around the USA and worldwide looking for sourcing components, capital equipment, tooling, work holding, plant supplies, raw materials, contract manufacturing and services.

​​People trying to find a tooling company online have it tough, as the internet is swarming with outdated websites, missing information and misleading information. Even the good rankings on Search Engines don’t guarantee that buyers and sellers of the manufacturing sector will find what they’re looking for. That’s why Machines and Tooling International emerged as a massive online directory for this particular industry.

The so-called ‘Craigslist in the manufacturing sector’ features American and international companies divided in four major categories: Manufacturer Directory, Equipment, Tooling and Used Equipment. Each company is listed with a detailed profile that includes photos, videos and all the necessary information for users to make the proper buying decision.

This is presented as a double benefit: buyers can find a machine manufacturer in the USA or globally through a comprehensive, reliable and easy to use platform. On the other hand, listed sellers can increase their conversions by promoting themselves in a massive website that receives hundreds of visits every day. They both win when it comes to reliability, as Machines and Tooling International strives to provide useful information and filters any scam or misleading information.

For those business owners willing to expose themselves, the portal publishes interviews of the Presidents, managers or any other person in a relevant position at the companies they list. Machine and Tooling International efforts on promotion and online reputation include a Digital Magazine, monthly blogs and the Ask an Expert Section. This particular page on the website features contact information of relevant people in the Machines and Tooling world, and is another listing option for company’s owners and Directors.

Companies willing to be listed on their portal should visit the correspondent category at and fill an online form that includes the business name, address, phone number, website and a description as detailed as possible of their activity. Machines and Tooling International will contact them to continue on the process. The more detail on the company’s information, the better the chances to be listed on the massive portal.

Machines and Tooling International is based in New York, at 29 Knollwood Ave Huntington , NY 11743. To contact them directly, call (602) 500-3541.

Source: Machines and Tooling International