Recent Workshops Offered Aim to Keep Studio City Wellness Center Involved With Local Community

Studio City Wellness Center

Through workshops and community talks, Back To Wellness Center keeps Los Angeles educated on health, fitness and physical therapy.

Back To Wellness has launched a new 2018 initiative through hosting multiple events in support of health awareness. Their events, based in Greater Los Angeles, are a ‘Community Health Talk’ series on long-distance running and other free educational workshops. According to the Studio City-based wellness center, events such as these are enlightening and empowering for those who are interested in beginning a fitness journey or are itching to take the next step with their fitness goals. Through a variety of wellness classes such as pilates, and physical therapy in Studio City, Back to Wellness vies to show and tell; good health is attainable.

As a clinic dedicated to well-being, Back To Wellness has helped hundreds to regain their strength and health. By offering a multitude of services like physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care, the staff has mended new and old injuries. In turn, the center also offers pilates classes to help students strengthen their core and have a wider range of flexibility. As taught by the center, strength, in tandem with flexibility, helps to prevent future injuries. With the staff and the services they offer, Back To Wellness is a center focused on isolated issues as well as overall health.

After the clinic first opened its doors to the public, Back to Wellness Center has grown into a powerhouse of healing. Reviews describe the clinic as “building stronger and healthier bodies.”

A recent patient review stated, “I could not be more grateful for the existence of these therapy services.”

Those seeking physical rehabilitation have been successful in their efforts through this clinic. Healing from an injury takes time, patience, and work. Putting in the effort to regain the muscle and flexibility lost is taxing, and cause feelings of resentment toward the body. Yet having guidance from a professional tends to ease the frustration and makes physical therapy an empowering experience rather than a lonely one.

The events Back To Wellness hosts are gateways to understanding fitness and all it can offer the body. Aging is not a friend to most, and anyone who has been injured is sure to understand that. For most patients, being surrounded by a knowledgeable team is invaluable, and provides a unique sort of support. Clinics like Back To Wellness provide that, and their outreach efforts have not gone unnoticed.

This clinic offers some of the best physical therapy and massage therapy in Studio City. For additional information, or to make a media inquiry about the other services they offer, contact Back To Wellness by calling(818) 985-2559 or refer to their website

Source: Back To Wellness Center