Personal Injury Lawyer Albert Abkarian Launches New Website to Modernize Client Service

Personal Injury Lawyer

Albert Abkarian Law and Associates focus on providing clearer online representation for clients.

Noted Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Albert Abkarian of Abkarian Law and Associates has launched a newly-designed website aimed at seamless intake for scheduling consultations with injured clients. As car accident lawyers, the group is focused on representing clients who have found themselves caught in unfortunate circumstances.

Albert Abkarian, the founder and CEO of the prominent law firm, is a strong believer that everyone should be represented by the most knowledgeable lawyers. For this reason, he has built his firm with professionals who are willing and able to win a personal injury or business dispute. Those hiring a lawyer should feel confident they are being supported by the right people. In cases regarding personal injury, no one should shy from finding proper representation.

Car accidents tend to be the most common reason for hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, people tend to forget bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, big rig accidents and even dog bites can pose reasons to hire a lawyer. If for any reason someone has obtained an injury based on negligence of another, there is solid ground for hiring a lawyer.

Albert Abkarian Law and Associates has been mentioned in Forbes Magazine as one of the top law firms in California. Over the years Abkarian has also racked up a series of five-star reviews from on Yelp and other review sites.

“Our mission is to use the resources available to satisfy our clientele during stressful situations. We are here to use our expertise for our clients while keeping their best interests in mind,” said Abkarian.

The law firm in Los Angeles makes themselves available to those who have experienced small to extreme injuries, whether it be in the workplace, on public property, or in another establishment. Receiving an injury means a domino effect of many things; doctors bills, time away from work or school, and less time to enjoy the days ahead. Abkarian and his team understand there isn’t a reason why someone shouldn’t be compensated for an injury inflicted upon them. At times, finding an accident lawyer can be intimidating, especially in the event someone is unsure if they have a case. Nonetheless, Abkarian and his team would gladly explain how the litigation process works and the steps necessary to progress with filing.

By launching this new website, Abkarian Law shows they are cognizant of their online representation and are focused on maintaining updates as necessary. Nothing deters someone more than being welcomed to a website which they can’t easily navigate.

For more information or media inquiries for Abkarian Law and Associates, contact them directly by calling (818) 290-8250 or visiting their new and improved website.

Source: Albert Abkarian Law and Associates