Press Release Writing is Nothing Like it Was Ten Years Ago

Press Release Writing

If we are talking about press release writing in general, then historically it has never been the same as it is now. There are several reasons for the massive shift in how press releases are written, disseminated, and received, but the biggest change isn’t technology. The biggest change happened because of Google.

At one point in history, Google decided that press releases would help websites rank up their search engine results. So, people were churning out six or seven per day, each loaded with keyword nonsense, and many of them written by computers or writing mills. It damaged the way people read, understood, and received press releases forever. People simply stopped using them and started looking for other ways to get their news and information. That is why modern press release writing is so different these days.

Multi-Platform Social Media Saturation

These days you have two options. You can create industry-specific messages that are targeted to the sorts of people who have expressed an interest in hearing your messages. In some cases, these are people from the press, bloggers, YouTubers, and people who are genuinely interested in your brand and your company. 

The other type of press release involves media saturation, which is a way of putting the same (or similar) message on every platform you have access to with the hopes of making some sort of impact before the news quickly moves on. This method is far less targeted, is far more annoying for other people, and often costs a lot more money. However, the chances of the news being picked up by an influencer or news site are slightly more likely.

Writing The Press Release

You really need to keep it brief, and you need to avoid all mystery and sales speak. You have to create very quick, very dry, and very concise press releases. If you are creating targeted press releases for investors or associates, then you can be more in-depth and complex, but for most everyone else, you need to keep it quick and concise.

If your press release shows any sort of sales or promotional elements, or if the press release tries to lure the reader in with mysterious titles and such, then the press release will be ignored. Worse still, the sender may be blacklisted from popular servers. The problem is that spammers have hassled people for so long with their mystery sales luring and their equivalent of clickbait that people have zero tolerance for it. This is not like Facebook or Twitter where you can post anything and there will be somebody who likes it. When it comes to press releases, keep it brief and concise, or find your content in spam folders and spam filters.

Have Your Press Releases Written For You

If you are looking to promote your brand through your press releases, or if you have some important news that you want to share through press release writing, then get in touch with the people at Star Media PR Group. The nuances and the dynamics of press releases have changed so much that you need a professional team to help you get the job done correctly, and that is what you get when you use Star Media.

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