Soaps and Lotions from Secrets of the Islands

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Your skin is just like nature. It slows down and it comes alive again. During extreme weather, your skin dries out, causing your skin to be less protected and unable to retain moisture. The soaps and lotions from Secrets of the Islands can prevent water loss. It also maintains the natural moisture in your skin leaving you always with beautiful, smoother skin.

Natural Oils

The soaks and lotions are gentle on your face and body. Since they’re made of all-natural ingredients, they won’t strip the natural oils found in your skin. They’re ideal after taking hot showers as they tend to dry the skin.

About Secrets of the Islands

It’s a collection of boutiques offering exceptional bath and body products. The company’s products are made of the finest natural ingredients. The company specializes in providing all-natural, homemade and organic products to please their customers.

When you have dry skin, you can exfoliate it using soaks and lotions once or twice a week. You can also use it two or three times each week, especially if you have oily skin.

Exfoliating your skin with soaks and lotions from Secrets of the Islands will not only remove dead skin cells and dull debris but they can also stimulate and encourage proper skin cell growth. After getting a good buffing through these products, your skin will be ready again to soak up hydration.

Moisturize your skin with these products after every shower. They’re rich in nutrients and essential oils that can give your dry skin a quick-fix. Compared with other creamy moisturizers on the market, the ingredients in them can be easily absorbed by your skin. Even if your skin is extra dry, the lotions can still make a difference to your skin providing it with healthier appearance.

Soaps and lotions from Secrets of the IslandsBrighten and Smoothen Skin

Soaks and lotions from Secrets of the Islands can make your skin look brighter and smoother as they promote proper cell turnover to help you obtain clearer skin. The ingredients in it can make your skin feel firmer.

Use them regularly and you’ll find that your skin has even tone. Most of its users are happy with the results they obtain as their age spots and signs of sun damage have been reduced significantly.

Soaks and lotions from Secrets of the Islands are available in different scents, including peach, lavender and eucalyptus.

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