Study Claims Cumulative Trauma Injuries on the Job Are Underreported

cumulative trauma injuries

The ODG Law Group, workers compensation attorneys in Glendale, have helped many clients receive workers compensation for cumulative trauma injuries. A study has found that many of these injuries may go unreported by those who have suffered them, which could mean that they are even more common than previously believed.

Cumulative trauma injuries, sometimes referred to as “work-related musculoskeletal disorders,” come as a result of performing a work-related task over and over again for an extended period of time. A video from the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association used a paper clip as an analogy in a recent video. Bending a paper clip back and forth a couple of times caused no damage to the paper clip. However, on the third bend, the paper clip snapped. The analogy the video makes is clear: someone doing the same motion, over and over again for years, even if they are strong, could eventually cause them physical damage.

study in “Women and Health (Second Edition)” found that “it is likely that the incidence of work-related (cumulative trauma injuries) is underestimated by as much as 60%, because the data sources upon which the estimates rely, such as workers’ compensation record are known to be inaccurate, and many workers and employers fail to report the symptoms they experience. Another complication in interpreting the data is that return to work is not an irreversible or unidimensional event; workers may leave and return on multiple occasions.”

“A cumulative trauma injury may seem like it ‘comes out of nowhere,’ but it really doesn’t. A worker first feels this kind of injury in the daily ‘aches and pains’ that comes from working. Over time, those aches and pain build up. When someone suffers one of these injuries, it can make it hard to flat out impossible for them to do their jobs. Should that occur, they deserve workers compensation to help pay for their medical bills, any rehab, and a host of other issues.” Leanna Der-Grigorian, Lead Attorney for ODG Law Group.

In addition to these kinds of injuries, the ODG Law Group also helps clients to receive workers compensation for carpal tunnel injuries, traumatic brain injuries, head trauma and more injuries suffered by workers on the job.

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Source: ODG Law Group