Tony Tellez of Tony’s Picks Introduces New Halftime Betting and Live In-Game Picks

Tony Tellez of Tony's Picks Introduces New Halftime Betting and Live In Game Picks

Tony Tellez of the famous free football picks site Tony’s Picks, has announced the expansion of his premium pick service to include “live” picks as part of their free and premium picks packages. During major football and basketball events, members of the pick service will be able to receive text messages with in-game winner picks from Tellez and his team of experts.

The change comes in light of a fast-moving trend towards in-game action on smart devices. In recent years, Vegas casinos have rolled out the ability to place wagers at sports books by using mobile apps. This has spawned a considerable amount of wagering action taking place on “live” bets, which allows players to make a variety of bets after a game has started. For example, live bets allow a moneyline or pointspread to shift considerably until the bookmaker decides to pull the game. Depending on the gameflow, players will be able to get different over-and-under and halftime spreads. As more and more players around the world have moved towards their smartphones rather than the bookie window to place bets, the “live” aspect now makes up a big piece of the betting action in many sports.

For years, Tellez and his team of handicappers have had a plethora of success and a great track record in picking winners across all major pro sports. Through the use of his website and YouTube channel, he offers to the public free college football picks and free NFL picks on a daily basis. His videos are immensely popular because he offers an insightful rationale and analysis for why he thinks a game will go a certain way.

To help newcomers sample the new service, Tony’s Picks is offering “Daily Free Picks Delivered Immediately To Your Phone,” simply by signing up on the homepage.

For more information about the expanded SMS service for premium picks, please visit or call (888) 711-1185.

Source: Tony’s Picks