LA Injury Group Announces Key Association With Law Offices of Neal H. Sobol

LA Injury Group

Two Glendale-based injury attorney offices are announcing they are joining forces in litigation resources

Glendale-based law firm LA Injury Group has announced an association with the Law Office of Neal H. Sobol, also of Glendale. Both firms are personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles who litigate motorcycle accident cases, car accident injuries and wrongful death cases.

Mr. Sobol has run his law office for over three decades and has now decided to associate with LA Injury Group. Thus, the Sobol office is strategically making use of LA Injury Group’s litigation resources as Los Angeles personal injury lawyersThe new association, which is not a partnership, will bring the LA Injury Group into any new cases retained by Mr. Sobol and his team. The two law offices are very familiar with each other and have operated their main offices within blocks of each other, adjacent to the Glendale Courthouse.

According to Mr. Benjamin Charchian, managing attorney for LA Injury Group, the grouping of the two law firms will give Sobol’s office resources to litigate more aggressively for their clients. Their close neighborhood proximity between each of the two offices will give them an advantage in the transition.

We welcome the challenge the new casework brings and look forward to working with Mr. Sobol on his new venture.


“Most importantly our client’s will benefit,” said Mr. Charchian, “as the association will give clients more resources to advance their injury claims.”

Over the last 30 years, Sobol has handled auto accident injury cases, motorcycle accidents, slip & falls, wrongful death claims and injuries with uninsured motorists. Because Sobol and LA Injury Group both handle almost exclusively personal injury and accident cases, the association is natural. Mr. Sobol is also noted as being proficient motorcycle accident attorney.

“We welcome the challenge the new casework brings and look forward to working with Mr. Sobol on his new venture,” said Mr. Charchian.

For more information about the association, areas of practice or to make a press inquiry, please call (213) 332-9255.

Source: LA Injury Group