MobileWash Expands Services Across Southern California, Revolutionizing Car Washing Convenience While Bringing New Opportunities


MobileWash is revolutionizing the way car owners are washing their vehicles.

​​In recent weeks, MobileWash announced their services have expanded to San Diego. The mobile car cleaning and mobile detailing app has rapidly grown since its introduction in previous years, leading the company to this expansion. Equipped with an innovative, responsive, reliable app that is leading in the industry, MobileWash has been servicing the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino. The immediate rise in popularity of the app has led MobileWash to expand its geographical reach. For this, the company has broadened its coverage map beyond the greater Los Angeles area to now offer services across all Southern California, including San Diego and Desert Cities.

Much like ride-sharing services, an app holder has the ability to schedule their brushless car wash through their smartphone. After selecting from the options to “Wash Now,” which dispatches a provider on-demand, or “Wash later,” wherein the user sets their desired appointment time. The app-appointed washer will then arrive at the requested location to clean the desired vehicle. A built-in turn-by-turn navigation feature enables the app holder to track the route of their washer up until arrival. From there, the app guides the user through the entire wash process from a pre-wash vehicle inspection to washing to post inspection. The MobileWash App also provides flexibility in compensation for the service provider based off the make and model of the vehicle. Similar to other rating methods, MobileWash requests both the app holder and washer to rate their experience with one another.

These services are not only convenient and innovative, but they’re eco-friendly as well. A large percentage of water is wasted when using a commercial facility or a water hose to wash a vehicle. As many Southern California residents are remaining cognizant of the water shortage in their area, opting for MobileWash services can bring peace of mind. Most washes will only use about five gallons of water or less. This, compared to other washing stations, is quite the feat.

We are overjoyed to offer our services to San Diego along with Los Angeles. We are here to offer a high grade of service through this app. Our clients can rely on us to handle their car wash while they can utilize their extra time for other activities.


MobileWash’s managing director, Al Davi, has disclosed, “We are thrilled to expand our services to San Diego, Palm Springs and the rest of Southern California. MobileWash has changed convenience forever by offering high-grade services through our app. Our clients can rely on us to handle their car wash while they use their extra time for whatever is important to them.”

In most cities, there seems to be a large car wash facility on every corner. Taking a vehicle to one of these can be time-consuming, wasteful and costly. Additionally, the equipment used has a reputation for causing damage to vehicles over time. Through harsh chemicals, thick brushes and tough scrubbing, the protective finish on a car can be worn down. Car wash troubles can be avoided by employing a personal washer who uses top-of-the-line products and gentle precision.

Discover the ultimate experience of convenience with a car wash delivered to a specific location by MobileWash, your car wash app. For inquiries, contact MobileWash by calling (888) 209-5585.

Source: MobileWash