Accident Attorney Belal Hamideh Encourages Precautionary Driving Measures During Summer Months

accident attorney Belal Hamideh

Long Beach accident attorney Belal Hamideh said that his office normally sees an influx of car and motorcycle accident cases that originate in hotter months. He said it’s important for his clients and public alike to become aware of some contributing factors that are often overlooked.

“There is clearly a prevailing trend here in Southern California that during the summer months, there are more drivers on the road which can lead to higher risk of car crashes,” said Hamideh.

Statistics and studies do back this notion — a study in Spain cited by the National Institute of Health highlights that the road is a much more dangerous place in the months between May and October. It could be surprising that icy, windy and rainy conditions could be perceived as the natural leading causes of dangerous road conditions. But the study cites dehydration, fatigue and distractions caused by intense heat to be a contributing factor to a higher number of accidents occurring in summer months.

Moreover, May through October are also months in which most cars are on the road. In addition, more teen drivers are also on the road during the hottest times of the day as most are off from school. So this combined with common fatigue and distractions onset by heat are the primary reasons why car accidents, particularly fatal ones, are more prevalent during summer months.

“During summer nights, it is more likely for drunk drivers to be out on the road, which can increase the number of risky drivers,” said Hamideh.

The result is higher-than-usual accidents. Accidents involving fatigue and distractions tend to yield a higher amount of injuries and fatalities as compared to an alert driver in the winter who crashes due to skidding or low visibility. People involved in such accidents are advised to seek out the counsel of a car accident attorney like Hamideh.

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Source: Belal Hamideh