USA Restoration: Slab Leaks and Pipe Bursts Becoming Common and Detrimental in Southern California

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LOS ANGELES, February 7, 2019 ( – USA Restoration, a full-service general contractor company in Los Angeles, repairs many different kinds of water damage. During these winter months, they are warning homeowners that slab leak repair and burst pipe repair could be a specific cause of trouble these coming months. According to technicians at USA Restoration, this has become a more steadily occurring source of calls as old pipe becomes more corrosive and average temperatures drop.

Typically, the phrase “slab leak” refers to leaks in a home’s water lines. Often, these water lines are beneath the home’s concrete foundation. Leaks on the drainage side tend not to display externally on the water pipes. This can make them difficult to spot until they’ve incurred damage. 

USA Restoration

Professionals from USA Restoration warn that homeowners may have a slab leak should they discover moisture or even mildew under their carpeting. Other signs of a slab leak are if they can smell mold, see cracks in the wall or even experience water pressure that is lower than what they expect. 

“A slab leak can be a real problem, because you may not know it’s there until it’s too late. If you see the water meter dial moving when the pipes aren’t even being used or the perimeter of your house has all kinds of standing water around it, that could be a sign that you have slab leaks. That’s when it’s time to call in the pros,” said Jennifer Kaplan, CEO of USA Restoration.

USA Restoration is a company of fire and water damage contractors who also offers black mold removal as well as other services to the Southern California area.

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Source: USA Restoration