Why Do So Many Public Relations Strategies Fail?

Public Relations Strategies

Most public relations strategies fail because they don’t need a strategy. There is something called the Streisand effect, which will be explained later, but it is one of the primary reasons why public relations campaigns fail. The other reason they fail is that the people running the campaign don’t understand the problem at hand. The third most common reason why so many PR strategies fail is that they are poorly implemented.

When a PR Campaign is Not Needed

Many times, the negative thing that happens is completely ignored by most people. Sure, some of the Twitter bots may pick up on it and say some controversial things. But, in reality, there isn’t really a problem. Yet, companies set out on big PR campaigns to try to fix a problem that isn’t there, and they create the Streisand Effect. This is where somebody tries their best to hide, avoid, or dismiss something, only to draw more attention to the problem than would have ever occurred if they had done nothing.

Not Understanding The Problem in Hand

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a triumph, and it helped prop up Johnny Depp’s career for over a decade. Yet, every single sequel is a minor version of the first, and the reason for this is that the makers have no idea why people loved the first one so much. They think it was the love story or the magic, which is why each sequel needs a love story and lots of magic.

Not understanding the problem at hand is the best way to cause more damage than the problem ever generated. There is a game called Diablo Immortal, it is a mobile game. Upon the announcement, people hated it. They wanted a full game, and all they got was a mobile phone loot generator. People were furious, but the game’s PR team handled it incorrectly because they had no idea why their audience was furious.

In addition, the reaction by the developers was less than effective. They kinda dismissed their fans because their fans were critical that they had brought out a mobile game when they were expecting a full Diablo game. The developers and promoters were dismissive and condescending so it sent ripples through the gaming community, which further deepened the PR problems the game had. It was poorly planned, which brings us nicely to the next point when a PR campaign is poorly implemented.

Having a Plan and Doing it Wrong

If a PR campaign is poorly implemented, it is almost as bad as it is poorly thought out. A great example of this is the guitar company that posted adverts saying they were giving away free guitars to anybody who answered their magazine advert. They received no replies simply because the PR move was poorly executed, (which meant nobody believed the offer).  

Hire a Marketing and PR Company

Many public relations strategies fail, and in most cases, they fail for one of the reasons mentioned in this article. Yet, as you can probably guess, all of these problems can be avoided. All these errors can be avoided with the correct levels of common sense, professionalism, and industry expertise. That is why, if you are looking to work on your public relations, then get in touch with the experts. Get in touch with STAR MEDIA PR GROUP. You get a clear, level-headed, and professional service that works to manage your public relations to suit whichever goals you have in mind.