AA Cosmetics Celebrates One Year of Explosive Growth in Los Angeles

aa cosmetics

AA Cosmetics, a company that offers Evoque keratin hair products, among other brands, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of its expansion into the Los Angeles area. During that time, the cosmetics company has grown significantly, with more than 200 accounts in the LA area.

The definition of “accounts” that the company uses in this context includes beauty salons, barbers and other locations that use the company’s professional hair products. The list of professional hair products used in those two hundred accounts features all of the paraben and sulfate-free Evoque hair products, including the Milk Therapy Conditioner and keratin treatment products online.

While the cosmetics company recently moved into the Los Angeles area, it’s been in California for the last three years. Centered out of Orange County, it actually has even more accounts in the OC area. In just three years, the company has been able to have 500 accounts in that region. With that growth south of Los Angeles, moving into the LA area made sense for the brand.

“After one year in Los Angeles, we couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, but it’s gone so far. When we came to Los Angeles, practically no one was using our Evoque products. However, that all changed in just a year. What makes it all the more impressive is that we’ve done this while competing with some of the biggest makeup companies in the world. While we’re exceedingly proud of the two hundred accounts we have in LA, that’s only the beginning. We look to continue the same growth that we’ve seen in Orange County and elsewhere. We can’t wait to see what’s next in Los Angeles, as we’ll be here for years to come.” Berk Demirci from AA Cosmetics.

In addition to the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, the company also has accounts and distributors in San Diego, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston, Virginia, and New York City.

For more information about keratin treatment products, milk therapy, cosmetics, or to make a press inquiry, contact AA Cosmetics at https://aacosmeticsus.com/

Source: AA Cosmetics