Bicycle Accidents More Common in Spring, LA Injury Group Warns

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The LA Injury Group, a California personal injury law firm, advises that bicycle accidents may be more common during the spring months. As the temperatures warm up, more people tend to ride their bicycles outside. While this can be good exercise and an efficient mode of transportation, it can also increase the risk of an accident.

Statistics show that during the spring months (March through May) the amount of bicycle accident fatalities during multiple times of the day, including noon to three and 9 PM to midnight. Los Angeles has one of the highest percentages of traffic fatalities involving bicycles. Personal injury attorneys from the LA Injury Group have helped many bicyclists to receive compensation for their injuries after an accident.

“Spring is a great time to get out on your bicycle. You can get in shape, go out for a ride with friends, or even go to and from work. However, you have to be careful, too. Bicycle accidents can be a real concern during the spring months. Our firm has helped so many to get through the difficult bicycle accident process. No matter the time of year, it’s always important to ride safely and wear a helmet.” Benjamin Charchian, Lead Attorney for the LA Injury Group.

In addition to bicycle accidents, the LA Injury Group also has wrongful death attorney, slip and fall, car accident, big rig accident, and others.

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Source: LA Injury Group

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