Denteractive Launches Website Version 2.0


Denteractive, a 24-hour emergency dentist online service, recently launched the 2.0 version of their website. This update includes enhanced chat features, video conferencing and other improvements, many centered around offering users “My Smile Advice.”

In the past, Denteractive had focused primarily on their “emergency dentist near me” service. By clicking on “24 7 Advice,” users were able to talk to a dentist in real time. This service is available at all times of day or night, every day of the year. Through this, people who live in areas without access to dentists could speak to a professional when they had to.

In the update, Denteractive has upgraded their video conferencing, chat and file sharing, so that those work even faster than before. Additionally, Denteractive’s new “My Smile Advice” button makes it possible for someone to get advice on their smile from a dental professional at all times. Instead of having to be in a dental emergency, users can take tips, suggestions and more from trained dental professionals on how to make their smile look better.

“You shouldn’t have to be in an emergency to get the benefits of online teledentistry. With the 2.0 version of our website, more people than ever can get the dental help and advice they’re looking for. Even if you’re far from a dentist’s office, you can find out how to get your best smile at any time, day or night.” – Dr. Reza Izadi, founder of Denteractive.

In addition to providing emergency dentist services, Denteractive also makes it possible to connect users to dentists in their area.

For more information about teledentistry, smile advice, or to make a press inquiry, contact Denteractive at 23 Corporate Plaza Suite 150 Newport, CA 92660 (888) 574-7754 or visit

Source: Denteractive