The Origins of Glass Paperweights

Glass paperweights seem to have put in their first appearance in Venice, then and now a famous glass mecca, around 1845. A glass worker named Pietro Bigaglia (pronounced Bee-ga-lee-a) was perhaps first to have invented the genre, and his pieces were received with much awe and admiration, inspiring interest and the subsequent and inevitable urge…

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Paul Stankard in the News

Paul Stankard Most commonly referred to as the father of modern glass paperweights, Paul Joseph Stankard is a visionary and innovator in the delicate field of glass manipulation. Born in April of 1943, Stankard was the second of nine children …more The Beautiful World of Paperweights Paul Stankard in the News Courtesy of CBS Sunday…

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Sam Solakyan Biography

Sam Solakyan, at age 14, began his way as a business visionary, having trusted to his guardians of the longing to possess a free business. Being a musical performer, his dad, an Armenian foreigner had just restricted learning of business and stayed resolved to help him still. Accordingly, they both procured a corner where both…

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Bomb Squad Responds to Silverlake 911 Call

Sunset Blvd and Silverlake Ave. Saturday 4/19/15 – Police, Fire and Bomb squad closed off a section of Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake Saturday night after a report of assault with a deadly weapon and a man barricading himself in an apartment. After 5 hours of street closure, evacuation and investigation, it was confirmed that no…

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Silverlake Hotel Art Exhibit

Steven Lundberg Glass Art

Silverlake – French artist Vincent Lamouroux is at it again. With another mind bending exhibit set in real time/space. For his current project, Vincent has taken one of Silverlakes sorest buildings (a run down motel scheduled for demolition) and turned it into a fully encompassed white canvas. The title of the project is “Projection”. Full…

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Silverlandia street team is hitting the streets!

The Silverlandia street team is out and about! We will be stopping by all the local business’ to get them signed up for our business map and travel guide. If you have a local business and are interested in being listed on our map, online directory and website, please give us a call! We will…

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Echo Park neighborhood clean up for earth day!

April 22 The Greater Echo Park Elysian Council is encouraging people to get out and help keep our gorgeous parks gorgeous on earth day – April 22, 2015. Mark your calendars and take the time to give back to our beautiful neighborhood parks.

Echo Park Library is having a book sale!

BOOK SALE The Echo Park Library will be having a book sale to help fund and support the Echo Park branch of the Los Angeles  Public Library. Come support your local library! Saturday , 4/25/2015 10am-4pm