PAPERWEIGHT PRESS       CALIFORNIA Cover: Antique Saint Louis close concentric mushroom paperweight with torsade in blue nd white and a star-cut base, c. 1848. © 1988 by Paperweight Press. All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any…

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Agaricusblazei Murrill mushroom

Anti-Cancer Activities of Agaricusblazei Murrill mushroom (ABM)

Agaricusblazei Murrill mushroom (ABM), originally native to a small village, name Piedade, in the highland areas of Atlantic forest in Brazil. It is an edible mushroom popular withseveral names such as “the Almond Mushroom”, “the Sun Mushroom”, or “the Gods Mushroom”.It has been studied several times as a functional food as well as a medicinal…

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building a brand

Star Media PR – The Most Novel PR Company to Hire for Brand Building of your Business

Did you feel sorry for yourself as in spite of offering the best quality products or services, your company is lagging far behind your competitors? Have you already tried everything, starting from offering generous discounts to ensuring high quality or heavy advertisements? Do you know the reason, why all these are happening i.e. why your…

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Cosmetic dentist Los Angeles

In the advanced world, dentistry is not just about getting rid of throbbing teeth. It has developed into a more refined methodology that includes an assortment of procedure that will restore you sharp grin. This has offered ascent to the crisis of nonessential dentistry. Dental specialists who arrange themselves under this region of specialization will…

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Northwestern Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Summer Class #4369, “The Art of the Paperweight”

The Northwestern OLLI offers adult classes for continuing education: “Composed of seasoned learners from all walks of life, OLLI members pursue learning for pure pleasure: there are no tests and no grades. OLLI’s motto is, “Curiosity Never Retires,” and the OLLI experience proves it!” Rae and Evelyn approached Mitch Clark, co-owner of L.H. Selman…

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