Summit Estate Beefs Up Outpatient Program for Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics With New ‘Up Close and Personal’ Distinguished Speakers Program

Summit Estate Recovery Center

China Isler, daughter of Jefferson Airplane drummer Paul Kantner and lead singer Grace Slick, launches Summit Estate Recovery Center’s (SERC) new “Up Close and Personal” Distinguished Speakers Program on February 7, 2018, at 6 p.m. The former actress and MTV DJ turned theologian, will tell her personal story of coping with addiction to SERC clients, alumni, and families.

Isler, a powerful voice in Southern California’s addiction recoverycommunity, is a native of San Francisco.  She grew up first in the city itself and then moved to Mill Valley.  She is an alumna of both Tamalpais High School and Redwood High School in Larkspur.

“I was born into a womb full of liquor,” she says.  “My mother was not bad or evil or wrong; she was just sick. But I was swimming in alcohol even before I was born.  I believe this is a family disease and it’s definitely genetic for my family. I was compromised because of all the alcohol and drugs–mentally, physically, spiritually and psychologically.”

Isler will also address her experiences with co-dependency and take questions from the audience.  She will be speaking via Skype from the home in Malibu she shares with her husband actor/producer Seth Isler and her mother.

“We launched ‘Up Close and Personal’ to allow our clients, alumni and their families to hear directly from national leaders in the addiction community,” said SERC Vice President Sergei Vidov.  “Our next speaker will be neuroscientist Dr. Kenneth Blum. Dr. Blum co-discovered the link between addiction and genetics in 1990.  His decades of seminal work in the field led in great part to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s 2011 decision to redefine addiction as a brain disease with behavioral side effects, rather than ‘a behavioral problem.’ Speaking by Skype from Austin, TX Dr. Blum will educate us about pre-disposition to addiction and the link between addiction and dopamine levels.

For further information contact Summit Estate Recovery Center at (800) 701-6997.

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