Websites Depot Pays San Diego Conference a Visit

Websites Depot

Traffic & Conversion Summit Conference guides the most promising website developers in the world

Websites Depot, a leading website agency, attended the Traffic & Conversion Summit Conference the week of Feb. 26 to gain insight about the market we have today. The conference is three days of learning what’s new and how to optimize marketing strategies.

Once a year, thousands of the world’s leading marketers gather in San Diego, California, where the conference is held. The location, a resort-style hotel with a waterfront view, is the main hub for the activities and “breakouts” provided. The conference hosts speakers such as influencer Tucker Max, the writer of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and Daymond John, a star on the hit reality show Shark Tank. It is understandable those who listen in will certainly learn ways in which their work will prove successful.

In this day and age, internet consumers change the ways they view and interact with news, social media, gaming and entertainment platforms. Because of this, website agencies must stay in tune with alternate ways of effectively reaching audiences. By attending such a renowned conference, the atmosphere alone will spark inspiration to absorb all there is to learn about these innovations to the online world. Major companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most audience-savvy platforms we have today, and it’s Websites Depot’s job to keep up.

Throughout the days in San Diego, attendees learned how to boost conversation, build winning marketing campaigns, the disciplines of search marketing and any other tips and tricks necessary for farther reach. Traffic & Conversion aims to be “fluff”-free by only providing information that helps agencies and marketers to improve their business. Past attendees have described the conference as “eye-opening” and “mind-blowing.”

For years, Websites Depot has grown to be an award-winning agency. By attending these conferences, we only become more exceptional as a company. We implement this new-found knowledge into our own strategies, reflecting how new tricks can trickle down into the success of our business model. Trips like these benefit both our company and our clients while we stay in pace with the rapid changes that constantly happen in our online platforms.

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