Bomb Squad Responds to Silverlake 911 Call

Sunset Blvd and Silverlake Ave. Saturday 4/19/15 – Police, Fire and Bomb squad closed off a section of Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake Saturday night after a report of assault with a deadly weapon and a man barricading himself in an apartment. After 5 hours of street closure, evacuation and investigation, it was confirmed that no one was in danger and the report had come from a mentally ill woman with a history of  false and exaggerated reports in the past. It seems as the report initially started from a dispute between 2 roommates.

The suspect in question drove to the police station on his own accord to confirm his identity and inform them that he had not been at his residence all day.

For whatever it is worth, the police, fire and bomb squad all responded accordingly with intention. It was quite the exciting evening and we sure are glad no one got hurt.