Burbank Lutheran School

Be Strong in the Lord and in his mighty powerIn the modern society, school is not just any school. Both parents and children have self awareness which has seen a revolution on how schools are run. A proper scrutiny of the school and its programme is as well as other facilities that are necessary for both academic and co-curriculum is done to ensure that the kids will receive the best that there can ever be. Burbank Lutheran School is one of the best schools that have been in the forefront to push for quality education. Since its establishment, the school has produced some of the renowned people in the society.

Discipline is very vital and runs side by side with academics. This school has the best standards when it comes to both the behavior of the children as well as the teaching and non-teaching staff. It is a Christian sponsored school and therefore employs many of the Christian teachings in its sets of rules and regulations. Molestation is not a topic of discussion in both within the school premises and outside since we believe that this is just but a big family. All staff passes through a proper screening in terms of their academic qualification and personal attributes to ensure that they are the right people to handle your kids.

We encourage more parent involvement in the learning activity. First of all, parents should have a look at the academic curriculum before they enroll their kids to make sure that it is the right one for them. They should speak out of any concern that they might have during the Parents Teacher Fellowship. The principal also recommends to parents to visit the school often to discuss their child progress. Finally, they should check what the child has learned each day and help them with their homework as directed by the class teacher.

As parent, you should not hesitate to enroll your child in this school. The school has what it takes to sharpen and put your child’s career on the right track. This is manifested in the comprehensive curriculum which also includes sports and arts for kids who are talented in such grounds. We are fully equipped with the right facilities and experienced professionals who are fully committed to ensuring that your kids get only the best. New students and parents adapt without any friction to our system. Visit our school for and start the admission process. You will also be amazed by how the fee is easily manageable.  Visit us online to find out more info at https://stpaulsfirst.org/

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