Can a Public Relations Specialist Stop a Social Media Disaster?

Public Relations Specialist

Yes, a public relations specialist can help stop or slow a social media disaster, but as they will tell you, prevention is always better than the cure. If you are letting your staff run wild on your social media, spouting any type of activist message they wish, then don’t be surprised when the click-hungry jackals start feasting on even the tiniest mistake your company makes within its social media posts. Companies and accounts have been canceled because they wrote he/she rather than he/she/they. Yet, the same companies wouldn’t have had any trouble if they hadn’t been courting the SJW crowd in the first place. Prevention is better than the cure, but it is too late for prevention, then here are what PR specialists can do for you.

Taking Stock of the Situation

Just how much damage has actually been caused? Take the example of the Chris Pratt incidents that keep popping up on social media. It always seems like his Christian beliefs are going to get him in trouble, but the guy doesn’t actually do anything wrong besides following an old book’s guidelines on life. He doesn’t impose his belief on people or judges others by what they do.

Social media analysts will tell you that his online credibility is ruined, and the SJW crowd is always looking for ways to cancel him. But, if you look at his actual life and the legions of fans who are behind him, the supposed “Damage” is negligible. In fact, the attacks on him through social media may have actually strengthened his fan following.

In many cases, when negative press receives a lot of likes and shares, it may feel like your whole online reputation is in tatters, but quite often, the damage is tiny and a PR expert can confirm that for you.

The Best Answer is No Answer

Take the example of Quantum TV. The guy said some pretty nasty stuff online and some people took issue and made response videos to the vicious things the guy said. If the head of Quantum TV had left it there, nobody would have ever known about the issue and/or the way it damaged his reputation.

However, the head of Quantum TV went after one of his critics, which turned out to be a 15-year-old boy. This caused others to jump to the boy’s defense, which prompted Quantum TV to start fights with other people. He then started copyright striking videos, which infuriated YouTube creators, and now Quantum TV is actively being called for cancellation. All this could have been avoided if the head of Quantum TV had kept his yap shut, but he didn’t, and now the channel he has built is slowly deteriorating from under him.

Seek Help From Professionals

An amateur or a company desperate for money is going to approach your PR problem with lots of solutions. It takes a professional public relations specialist to have the guts to say to a client, “You don’t need us, this fire will put itself out.” You need a professional to help you because if you choose a poor-quality PR team, then they could easily make things far worse than they are. If you are having trouble online, then get in touch with STAR MEDIA PR GROUP today for expert and professional advice.