Designer Laser Vaginoplasty

drberenholzWhen the laser was first invented, no one could have thought they would have such immense application in medicine. The first laser was introduced in Michigan in 1970 at a time when Mr Berenholz was still a student. He identified its potential and embarked on a mission to develop it to wider application medicine. He noted that women especially after child birth claimed of vaginal looseness which leads to lose of sexual sensation. Determined to restore back their thrilling sexual life, he sought a way to give his patients a better answer other than telling them that it is a natural occurrence and that they should embrace it. That led to his training in the use Laser vaginal rejuvenation.  He sought the services of several well renowned physicians who had made significant contribution in medicine and in particular vaginoplasty. This would late become his main area of specialization.

Vaginoplasty, as laser vaginal rejuvenation is sometimes called, is a surgical procedure intended to increase the vagina tightness and supports its structure. Apart from restoring sexual gratification, vaginoplasty is also used to address problems of stress urinary incontinence. This procedure which used to takes a minimum of two days currently last approximately an hour. Most patients are treated as out-patients during the lunch break. Dr Berenholz introduced the designer laser vaginoplasty to restructure the vagina to a new look that is appealing to the patient. Some women even to go to extents of bringing pictures of how they want the results to appear. There are various procedures which fall under designer laser vaginoplasty such as laser reduction labioplasty, laser perineoplasty, vulva lipoplasty, etc. Dr Berenholz is the only phusician in the whole of the Midwest region who has the right training to carry all designer laser vaginoplasty.

Due to high good reputation, Mr Berenholz has been invited by various organizations and women groups to address issues related to the female anatomy. His talks have been very helpful as shown by the positive reviews and recommendations received. He has made the whole topic more relevant to the modern women who have been in position to confide more with him. Dr Berenholz is a registered member of several medical societies and active staff of several medical institutions. Visit the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan and meet the only trusted expert in the field for consultation and all your worries will be dealt with before you resort to any surgical operations.

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