Why you should ensure your Child has participated in Kids Harvest Festival in Los Angeles

harvest festivalThe harvest season is around the corner and most people are looking forward to participating in harvest festivals. A harvest festival is held in Los Angeles every season as a way of thanksgiving and brings people together in celebrations. Kids’ harvest festivals are also held at the same time to attract many people to attend the festival. This will provide a good avenue to the organizers who aim at sensitizing Los Angeles residents on the need for supporting activities aimed at improving the living condition of Los Angeles residents.

The aim of the kids’ harvest festival in Los Angeles is to create opportunities that improve the quality of life for the residents. During the kids festival season, residents from all parts of LA and the surrounding areas are brought together to help in the enhancement of Los Angeles valleys and parks.  We, therefore, encourage you to be among our sponsors to help us in improving the quality of life of Los Angeles residents. Our mission is to enhance, expand, promote and preserve recreations and parks for the Los Angeles community.

Los Angeles park foundation provides the services that Los Angeles city is not able to offer. Some of those services include raising funds for improving park facilities, supporting sustainability projects, enhancing park environments, and purchasing property for future foundation activities.  Our activities are financed by our sponsors who have made this event possible. We also have a pumpkin ran to assist La park foundation in raising funds for the ongoing project.

Cheviot Hills pumpkin run is open for kids and the people willing to support our programs. You are therefore welcome to join our team and be part of it in raising the fund. We also have a wristband for the kids to make them part of the festival. We have special facilities to take care of the children during the kids’ harvest festival to make the event enjoyable to them.

You will be required to purchase tickets during the kids’ festivals to be used for activities such as bounce house, slides, face painting for your kids, enjoy seasonal food, live music, and participate in a pumpkin pie eating contest. By ensuring your kid has attended the kid’s harvest festival you will give him a chance of interacting with other children and have some fun.  Contact us at any time and book a space for your kid to participate in the kids’ harvest festival.