Has Press Release Writing Lost its Edge?

Press Release Writing

Yes, press release writing has lost its edge, but let’s face it, press releases only had an edge during that short period when they helped your Google search engine ranking. Yet, if press releases have lost their edge, their power, and their impact, then how come some companies use them to great success? This article examines that question, perhaps with the hopes of changing the way you write press releases.

The Top Performing Press Releases Come From Blue Chip Companies

Big companies with millions of dollars to spend on their marketing have a very large network. They have a lot of outlets and a lot of voices who can spread their message. Getting attention for a press release is easy with their media resources. Plus, they are almost always limited to companies with a need for fresh news that are just waiting to spread it around for free.

The Second Top are Gaming Industry Press Releases

Around the globe, the gaming (console/PC) industry is worth three times more than the movie and comic book industries combined. It is a massive industry and it has plenty of opportunities to issue press releases. Take the game development cycle as an example. There is the game announcement, the delay announcements, the pre-alpha announcement, the full release announcement, then there are the promotional messages, and the review and award announcements.

These same messages are issued on press releases by everybody from news outlets to avid YouTube and Twitch gamers. Then there are review outlets, e-sport outlets, and much more. This industry has a very hungry gaming community and news/press community that is just waiting to pass important press releases around. That is why they are so successful in this industry.

The Third Top Performing Are From Marketing Companies

It may come as no surprise, but in general, marketing companies create the third top-performing press releases. They reach so far and so wide because marketing companies know how to leverage their resources. In other words, they know what they are doing and they do it well. They know which outlets to post their information on, they know their audience, they know their products, and they know what to say that creates buzz. They know when to tone it down and when to amp things up.

They also know the difference between casual interest and genuine buzz. Some marketing companies are even able to get their press releases to trend on popular outlets, and it is not because of a massive marketing budget. It is because they know what sort of information to get in front of people’s screens. Get the right message out to the right people, and your audience will do all the hard work of spreading the message. Marketing companies know what they are doing when it comes to releasing powerful press releases.

Hire a Company To Help Build A Bigger Impact

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