Bankruptcy Attorney Handles Debt Settlement Cases

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LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2019 ( – Karine Karadjian, P.C., a bankruptcy law lawyer in Los Angeles, announced that she’s able to help clients through the debt settlement process. Debt settlement is an option for clients who may not qualify for bankruptcy.

Not everyone is eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy may not be the best financial solution in all cases. Some don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to high income, an excess of equity in their home or a recent prior Chapter 7 filing. Others who may qualify for bankruptcy would like to avoid it, often due to simply wanting to keep a bankruptcy off their record. Debt settlement is an option they can avail themselves to.

Typically in debt settlement, the person in debt ends up paying about half of their original debt. This is one factor that’s taken into account in assessing whether debt settlement makes more sense than a Chapter 13 repayment plan for a specific individual. Discussing all options with an attorney who is experienced in both bankruptcy and debt settlement is thus crucial.

“When you’re turned down for bankruptcy, it can seem like you’re out of options, but you aren’t. Debt settlement is often a viable solution. This is a delicate process that has to be handled the right way, but if you don’t qualify for bankruptcy, debt settlement may be the most effective approach to deal with your debt,” says Karadjian.

In addition to providing debt settlement representation services, Karine Karadjian is also a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles.

For more information about debt settlement, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or to make a press inquiry, reach out to Karine Karadjian directly. She can be found at (323) 524-2123, (949) 565-4707 or (818) 960-6460.

Source: Karine Karadjian, P.C.