Sam Solakyan Has An Immigrant Advantage To Become A Millionaire

Sam Solakyan

Sam Solakyan has an immigrant edge, just like other immigrant entrepreneurs. Regardless of the economic situation and lack of resources, he and others seem to thrive. There is a reason for this.

An immigrant edge allows an immigrant to build their empires. But he gained this edge through experience. The edge is all about a work ethic and an attitude. Sam also has a mindset to become successful in a foreign land.


When his parents struggled to make ends meet, they went from one job to another just to feed Sam and his siblings.

Their thinking was that since they do not have the resources, they need to be resourceful. Thus, they have multiple jobs just to ensure that their family will not starve.

An immigrant edge requires an individual to be resourceful. It is how many immigrants, including Sam Solakyan’s family who came from an impoverished country, found a way. They get resourceful when most people think that there is no way to achieve their dreams.

Sam got resourceful when he did not have money. He tapped into his network and found a way.

See Opportunity

Sam and his family are immigrants from Armenia. It is one of the poor countries in West Asia. His family moved to the US to escape from their dreadful lives and see a better future in America.

For Sam’s parents, there was no opportunity for them in their own country.

But the struggle they experienced in Armenia gave them a gift of contrast. They stayed in thriving mode, rather than survival mode. When people panicked, they looked for opportunities for their advantage and growth.

When Sam started his empire during an economic slump, people told him that it was bad timing. But he took that opportunity and invested anyway. He started his business and became one of the millionaires in the US.

Sam Solakyan'

Sam Solakyan and Adversity

Sam and other immigrants in the US also find adversity as a benefit. Life is not about the good things. Rather, it involves great challenges to make you stronger.

The challenges forced Sam and his family to follow their vision. He started his business from scratch and became a CEO to an international company.

The adversity allows him and his family to look another way. They believe that there is always a way to make the adversity into an advantage.

Sam and other immigrants are good at it because they already found and experienced hunger in their country. Then, when they came to the US and saw a lot of adversity.

But they did not stop. They found creative solutions to manage failures. That made them stronger and Sam became a stronger leader to his companies.

Sam considered adversity as an advantage to be more creative. Without it, he could not maximize his creativity.

He embraced adversity to make him stronger. He had been through a lot in the last few years. But he still managed to get up and fight.

That is an immigrant edge. Sam Solakyan and his family looked another way and saw opportunity even through times of adversity.