What if Other People Do My Press Release Writing?

press release writing

We all know that press release writing helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it can even help drum up support and traffic for your website and your social media accounts. The problem is that it isn’t nearly as powerful in terms of SEO as it used to be. Plus, it is very difficult to make any sort of impact with press releases because it is only really the larger blue chip companies and game developers who can easily get the word out. For most people, writing a press release is more trouble than it is worth, but that begs the question, what if other people do your press release writing?

Set Them Going and Forget About It

If you knew there were people working right now on your press releases. If they were doing a good job and drawing the right sort of search engine attention, wouldn’t you use them? It is like having your pool cleaned or having your car washed. You know you can do it yourself, but it is so much easier when other people do it for you. 

What About The Price?

The benefits to having somebody else write your press releases is pretty clear. The benefits are obvious, but what about the cost? Will the cost be worth the results? Is there a cost-benefit analysis that can be done? The hard part about these questions is that it often takes time for the press releases to make any sort of impact. The best ones are those followed by news media.

Other than that, you want human followers to follow your press releases and perhaps make comments about them online. It takes time for these sorts of things to mature, so it may be a while before you find out if your press release writer is doing a good job.

What if They Get it All Wrong?

The flip side to the point made in the previous section, what if your press release writer is doing a very bad job? What if you wait for the audience to mature and for the search engines to take notice, only to discover that nothing is maturing, occurring or happening? There is a chance that your press releases writers are doing a bad job, but there is nothing stopping you monitoring their progress. You should read their content and see if it makes sense. Even if they are not getting very many reactions or interactions, ask yourself if their content is good (or at least suitable). If it is, then let them continue and wait to experience the benefits.

press release writing

What About Press Release Buzz?

Back in the days of pumps and dumps, people were hanging on the words of press releases because they thought they could benefit from them. Will people hang on your press releases? They may, especially if you are in the gaming or gambling industry. Yet, many times, you don’t need buzz. Simply let a good press release writing team create your press releases, a team like those at STAR MEDIA PR GROUP, and the benefits will come to those who wait.