Air Pro Master Shares HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips

air pro master

LAS VEGAS, May 9, 2019 ( – Air Pro Master, an AC repair in Las Vegas maintenance company is one way to make a building cooler. Air Pro Master offers maintenance packages where they routinely examine the HVAC units for commercial and residential buildings. HVAC units can be complicated. As they have many moving parts, there is a…

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The FlexTrack Introduces Their New Straight Curtain Track

straight curtain track

The curtain track company adds straight curtain tracks to their already ample catalog of products. This new addition comes a long with a revamp of their online sales platform. CERRITOS, Calif., May 6, 2019 ( – The FlexTrack has recently introduced a new product: curtain track is colored white. They are 6.6′ long and can be jointed to indefinite…

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New Advancements in Drying Tech From Paul Davis

paul davis

LOS ANGELES, February 12, 2019 ( – Paul Davis, a , has new drying technology for homes and other kinds of buildings. This can assist with restoring buildings that have been damaged during the recent rain. Thermal imaging has been utilized in the drying process for years. Instead of cutting drywall or carpets to look for water damage,…

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USA Restoration: Slab Leaks and Pipe Bursts Becoming Common and Detrimental in Southern California

usa restoration

LOS ANGELES, February 7, 2019 ( – USA Restoration, a full-service general contractor company in Los Angeles, repairs many different kinds of water damage. During these winter months, they are warning homeowners that  fire and water damage contractors who also offers black mold removal as well as other services to the Southern California area. For press inquiries, visit 

Your Way Tree Service Featured in CalContractor Magazine

Your Way Tree Service

Positive Headlines and Positive Vibes Surround the Tree Service Company TARZANA, Calif., January 25, 2019 ( – Southern California-based tree removal and onsite tub grinder. According to Montoya, it was that single acquisition that helped the company save over $25,000 a month on dumping fees (as he is now the one providing the service) and also provide a wider range…

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Solar Service Professionals Recommends Cleaning Solar Panels Regularly

Solar Service Professionals

LOS ANGELES, December 4, 2018 ( – Solar Service Professionals, a solar panel cleaning every few months. This keeps debris from building on top of the panels. Additionally, it keeps from cleaning too often as well. Rain, in and of itself, does not clean the panels nearly as thoroughly as clean from solar panel professionals would. Most solar panel…

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Just Right Painting Reminds Painting is Possible Year Round in Southern California

Just Right Painting

Los Angeles, CA, November 28, 2018 ( – Just Right Painting, is a company that provides exteriors and exterior painting in West Hollywood and vice versa. Many people move into southern California every year. Often, they bring with them the idea that having an interior painting in Los Angeles done during the winter months is impractical. However, Just Right Painting…

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