Best Wig Outlet Launches Shopify Site for Even Better Service

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PRESS RELEASE  MAY 26, 2022 LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2022 ( – Best Wig Outlet, an online wig store that offers synthetic and human hair wigs, recently unveiled their Shopify site. With this site, Best Wig Outlet will be able to offer more benefits to its customers than previously possible. A Shopify site is specifically designed to load…

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How to Get Better at Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

These days, press release writing is a little old hat. There was a craze for it at one time when somebody realized it helped your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But, as with all things of this nature, along came the whales to ruin it with seventeen press releases per day, ranging in topic from their…

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Scope Environmental Announces Merger with CBC Cleaning and Restoration


PRESS RELEASE  MAY 19, 2022 SANTA CLARITA, Calif., May 19, 2022 ( – Scope Environmental, a company that provides restoration services in Southern California, recently announced a merger with CBC Cleaning and Restoration. Through this, Scope will be able to offer experienced carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning and repairs, tile and grout cleaning, and many other services. Due…

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IFBB Indy Pro/NPC Midwest Battle of The Champions Bodybuilding Show on May 14

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PRESS RELEASE  MAY 13, 2022 INDIANAPOLIS, May 13, 2022 ( – Dave Bowers Productions is proud to present the IFBB Indy Pro 2022/NPC Midwest Battle of the Champions event. On May 14, bodybuilders from all across the country will converge at the Indianapolis Convention Center to compete in many different categories. Tickets are available to watch both in-person…

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Rijal Law Firm Responds to Recent USCIS Guidance on Employment-Based Sponsorships

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PRESS RELEASE  APR 21, 2022 DALLAS, April 21, 2022 ( – A USCIS Visa Alert dated MARCH 2022 has been released with updated guidance; recommendations in this alert include information considered critical for Indian nationals with an approved EB-2 Visa, and for anyone holding a pending EB-3 application, according to immigration attorneys at Rijal Law Firm. “We want everyone to be aware of this,…

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Can a Public Relations Specialist Stop a Flame War?

Public Relations Specialist

In this article, we consider if a public relations specialist is able to stop a flame war online. A flame war is when two sides take up positions and then take shots at each other, usually with increasingly insulting comments. Flame wars are not such a big problem on their own, but when one side…

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Can a PR Agency in Los Angeles Help Me With My Press Release

PR agency in Los Angeles

We all know that your average press release isn’t the powerful tool it used to be. Online articles about the SEO power of press releases turned them from serious news items into an online litter. They now blow around the internet with hardly anybody taking notice of them. However, with the careful use of a…

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Which Public Relations Strategies Still Work For Retail Companies?

public relations strategies

Virtue signaling has been pretty popular since the Obama years, but the “Go Woke, Go Broke” effect seems to be set in stone at this stage. Taking any sort of adversarial stance also doesn’t work, though it is unclear why anybody ever thought it would and why so many companies have gone in that direction….

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Does Press Release Writing Still Work?

press release writing

In most cases, press release writing doesn’t work in the way it used to. It used to help you promote things over the Internet, it used to help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it used to draw attention. Yet these days, you can submit press releases across hundreds of networks and platforms and…

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Rebel Nation New Platform to Be Unveiled Soon

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PRESS RELEASE  FEB 24, 2022 LOS ANGELES, February 24, 2022 ( – Rebel Nation, a Black-owned networking site, will soon unveil its new platform. This platform will be a site for Black entrepreneurs to connect with customers and collaborate with one another. The name is an acronym, standing for “Revolutionize Entrepreneurship for Black Excellence and Legacy.” The goal of…

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